A single gift card, endless shopping possibilities

What is ideaShopping?

ideaShopping is a digital gift card which you can use to buy products from the best brands around both online and in store.

How does it work?

ideaShopping is incredibly easy to use: : just log into the dedicated online platform and choose from hundreds of gift cards.

Why choose ideaShopping?

  • It’s practical and fully digital
  • You can choose from an extensive, varied catalogue containing hundreds of brands
  • It’s perfectly secure and cuts out any delivery costs and time
  • Cards are sent out via email, in real time
  • It has enormous tax advantages for example, in Italy: – fully deductible for the company as entertainment expenses for amounts not exceeding €50 (art. 108 para. 2 of Presidential Decree 917/86); – vouchers for an amount not exceeding €516.46 are fully deductible
  • It has high perceived value and is easy to use
  • It offers a simple, intuitive platform
  • It is fully customisable

The gift card designed for companies

Features ideaShopping iS forYou iS tailorMade
Multi-country custom discounts
Multi-Language custom discounts
Customisable catalogue
Zero warehouse or logistics costs
Customisable card expiry date